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Through our exclusive partnership, we are able to offer the lowest priced Disneyland tickets. Check out the Get Away Today website for information on all Disneyland ticket discounts.

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These discounts are exclusively available to Mickey Visit readers. You have to click through our private links to unlock exclusive access to these lower prices if you just go directly to the Get Away Today website you will just see their normal prices. All Disneyland tickets are now being sent electronically which means guests will take either their phone or printed confirmation straight to the gate. Book your tickets at least two days before your arrival to ensure that they are processed in time for the first day of your Disneyland vacation.

The vacation is held until the final payment is made which makes this a great option for families to be able to plan and save for their vacation. You can read our editor's review on her personal experiences booking through Get Away Today here! If you missed this window of time, check the Disneyland Welcome center located inside the Harbor Boulevard Doubletree for the only official last-minute reduced price tickets.

It is very rare that this welcome center can offer you an special discount on tickets. Costco members can purchase Disneyland vacation packages through Costco with a valid membership. Depending on the seasonal offerings, you may receive perks like Disney gift cards or discount PhotoPass if you purchase through Costco.

However, we recommend checking the price against our travel partner Get Away Today which will likely offer you a better deal on your Disneyland vacation package. Disney offers discounts for entrance to Disneyland to large corporations and government agencies in Los Angeles. Check with the Human Resources department of your agency. Also, most Disneyland Corporate Sponsors are given tickets or sell tickets to employees for a big discount. Check with your Human Resources department for all of the information regarding the available Disneyland ticket discounts.

Always remember to compare these ticket prices to the discounts available to the public listed above.

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Any teachers who are members of a union in the US or Canada are very likely to be eligible for heavily discounted tickets. Check with your union. These Disneyland discount tickets vary in the amount that's discounted from agency to agency. Disney Youth Education Series YES is a program offered throughout the year that provides educational classes on topics ranging from leadership to marine biology that are taught inside of the Disney theme parks.

As a side benefit to these cool Disney classes is the opportunity to purchase discount Disneyland tickets. The discount range varies for each type of ticket. The pricing is different for those taking the class and those simply going on the trip. There are lots of different rules and restrictions attached to these tickets. After checking out the class options, be sure to request concierge level help from a special group ticketing agent from Get Away Today.

Simply fill out our form and get connected to an agent to help you immediately. There are a various universities and colleges throughout the Southern California area that offer discounts on one day and two day Disneyland tickets. These discount tickets which can usually be purchased from the various Student Unions do not provide much savings. Disneyland offers discounts for groups of 15 or more from qualified non-profit organizations. For detailed information, prices and tickets, please call Disney at For information and reservations, call Active and retired U.

The collection includes all digital downloads of your photos, a voucher for a dining print package, and a Disneyland Resort Gallery Disc. Disney Cast Members are supposed to check ID at the front gate for all military tickets. While Disneyland does not offer any specific discount for law enforcement, there are opportunities to receive access to discounts. Many unions all along the West Coast have access to cheap Disneyland tickets. This discount is only available to the Disney Vacation Club Member's immediate household.

If you're interested in becoming a Disney Vacation Club member, you can read our guide to see if it's the right fit for you. The amount of the discount depends on the length of the ticket- longer length tickets will get a larger discount.

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Used Tickets are often attempted to be resold. For example, someone might have a 4 day ticket and have only used half of it. It may sound like a good idea to purchase this and save a boatload of money, but Disney now has systems in place to stop purchases like this. With every ticket that is used, a picture of the ticket holder is taken so that it cannot be shared.

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Ebay and Craigslist are filled with spammy tickets like we mentioned above. Do not buy tickets from them. Below are the alternatives to these spammy tickets. The one day Disneyland ticket prices fluctuate based on demand.

See the full schedule below and check individual prices on the Disneyland website. Also remember that there are never discount 1-day Disneyland tickets offered to the general public. Disney offers their employees the rare opportunity to purchase one day discount Disneyland tickets, but this is a rare offer.

Disneyland tickets increased in price January Disneyland typically increases prices in the early months of the calendar year to prepare for their large new additions and offerings that are rolled out with the beginning of summer you can see the full Disneyland crowds calendar and events calendar here. The past couple of years, the Disneyland price increase has been moved earlier and earlier into the year.

One day Disneyland tickets are the same price regardless of where you purchase them, however all other Disneyland tickets are less expensive when you purchase them online at a discount before you leave for your trip. This campaign has long since been discontinued, but people still always wonder if Disneyland is free on your birthday.

You can see tons of information on how to celebrate your birthday at Disneyland here. How many years has Disneyland been open? What year did Walt Disney open Disneyland? Disneyland opened on July 17, and will be turning 64 years old on July 17, The Disneyland ticket prices have increased dramatically since the year the park opened. Again, proof or residence is required to purchase these tickets. Where do you typically purchase your Disneyland tickets?

Have any questions about Disneyland tickets or places to buy them? Wondering about the latest Disneyland ticket price increase rumors? Any questions we can help you answer? Hearing your feedback—even when you disagree with us—is both interesting to us and helpful to other readers, so please share your thoughts below in the comments! Written by Tom Bricker.

Unfortunately, you must have eligibility through your employer, but for those that do, check it out! We wanted to let you know that the program has changed. CityPASS buyers now build their own perfect theme park ticket by adding only the parks they wish to visit, the number of days they want to spend in each park and the types of tickets Park Hoppers, etc. Undercover Tourist is cheaper than Get Away Today. This post reeks of advertisement. I just bought my passes through TicketsAtWork.

They have a free day promotion on ALL passes not just buy 4-day get a 5th day. Admittedly, not everyone is eligible to purchase from TicketsAtWork but with that type of savings, I think it also deserves a mention. I wondered the same thing. However, in defense of GetAway, I purchased a package with tickets and hotel, and when I found that Undercover was significantly less, months later, they matched the price and refunded the difference.

Right now, aRes travel beats Undercover. Is this a good tome yo go.

Love reading all your hints keep up the good work Regards Karen. This is not a reply but another question…..

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Great post! Do you know how military discounts work? Trying to decide if I should buy tickets for March now at the promo rate or if we should use military discount.